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October 11, 2017

October 8, 2017

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Welcome to the place for 7th Sea CCG enthusiasts! 7th Sea was and still is one of the most fun and strategic Collectible Card Games ever published. The purpose of this site is to collect, retain, and distribute as much information about the game, so past, present and future players have the resources they need. The site features Articles, Lets Play! to connect with other players, Rules and Resources, a Fan Cards Gallery, and Trade Zone to complete or start a collection. Resources from now defunct fan sites like the prior iteration of and 7th Sea World have been referenced here, especially the Rules and Resources. 


The fan card page is a pet project of mine and it will be used as the basis for new fan sets to be created. Regular updates about the progress of the Fan Set Westernly Winds can be found in the News Section.


If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or content to share for the site please Contact the Site Admin.

Reynard Fornier Black Freighter I3

C:0 S:1 A:0 I:1 Sw:1

* Unique * Loyal *


When this Crew tacks or sinks to absorb Hits you may discard one card from your hand to have him absorb 2 extra Hits (you may not discard multiple cards for extra Hits).


“I lost my blades, Musketeer, but the Freighter gave me some new ones...”

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