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Save the Date: More 7th Sea CCG at GenCon 2023

Mark your calendars because there is another 7th Sea CCG throwback event in the works at GenCon this summer (Aug. 3-6). Pine Box Entertainment will be hosting this event again this year alongside the big release event for their new Expandable 7th Sea Card Game, City of Five Sails, which is also available now for preorder. The day and time for the event is tentative but the plan is to schedule so that it does not conflict with City of Five Sails so players can pack their weekend full with both events. We had so much fun last year, with over 20 players who came out to play and do pirate things (via cardboard) one more time!

More details will be released soon as things become more finalized but there are a few big format changes from the 2022 event that are important to keep in mind before dusting off your old decks: The new fan set Cabora's Coast will be legal for this event. Including some MRP to existing AEG cards. So for anyone interested in dusting off your old cards and coming out to GenCon, check out the new set and start brewing! Don't worry, for anyone short on either cards, time, or ideas we will have tons of decks available to lend or we can build something specific if you would like! (Just reach out in our Discord Server if you have any questions.) MRP in Effect for GenCon 2023 Try to trust us when we say that most of the MRP and big changes should make this event more enjoyable. The two big changes are that Kheired Din will be nerfed to starting wealth of 7 (same as last year at GenCon) so that he is still playable, but not as dominant as he has been since winning GenCon in 2002. The second big change is all of the Scry knacks released in Syrneth Secrets will be errata'd so that they still have mostly the same effect but no longer draw a card. (Two of the Top 4 decks from last year were built around abusing these knacks and games against them are just really not very fun.)

For some other cards, such as Grenouille du Grâce and The Freighter, there were some stat buffs added in Cabora's Coast to try and get these cards out of the binder for Black Freighter and Montaigne fans. Captain's Quarters is notably also now a ship attachment, per the fan set inclusion, for anyone who was driven nuts by the previous subtype (Captain Attachment).

For those who enjoy arts and crafts, slips with the updated gametext are available in the PDF for the new set and can be cut out and placed in your sleeves in front of the new cards. In addition ALL MRP for any AEG cards can be referenced and updated in your decks from the Errata Slip PDF released a couple of years ago.

Big Changes and New Decks from new Cabora's Coast Cards Den of Thieves was introduced from Cabora's Coast last year as a preview card for GenCon and will be in effect again this year as part of the entire set. This card does change starts drastically, but combined with the other newly released cards Gabriel, and Reis Marketeer, you should still be able to play a competitive version of your favorite deck with some alterations. This card really helps bring some more parity and removes some very negative turn 1 win decks from the environment, while these other helpers leave a lot of decks with a nice upgrade. (For the most part we found that including Den of Thieves meant starts would often just switch to a 3 cost in faction crew with 2 influence for most decks.)

There other cards in this set hopefully open the doorway to some really interesting and new deck ideas. We've shared a few lists with the new cards for Crimson Rogers, and Vesten, and plan to share some more of our ideas in the coming weeks but we are even more excited to see what cool concepts players come up with! Conclusion Last year at GenCon, we tried to keep the format as close to the original as possible with just a very few changes so folks could relive some nostalgia with their old decks and to make it as easy as possible for players to return. This year is a little different and we hope that fans of the 7th Sea CCG will have some fun exploring some new possibilities (and a new meta) by including this set in the format for the event. We don't know what the future will bring, but getting to play 7th Sea with other fans 2 years in a row has been a dream come true! Hope to see you at GenCon 2023 and please stop on by our Discord Server to talk up some 7th Sea before or after!


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