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GenCon 2023 Retro Event Details

GenCon is right around the corner! This year Pine Box Entertainment will once again be hosting the second annual 7th Sea CCG Retro event! We look forward to pushing cardboard and hanging out with other fans of one of our favorite CCGs.

There are a few changes added in this year to mix things up. Last year we included a couple of the new cards from Cabora's Coast and an errata to Kheired Din, mostly for balance purposes but otherwise left the format largely intact. This was intended to make it fairly easy for players to dust off their favorite decks and have fun playing our favorite card game one more time. This year, we are looking to turn things up a notch! The entire fan set, Cabora's Coast, will be legal. This set includes 25 new cards available as a print and play PDF with something specifically designed to help for every faction. This set also includes MRP to 9 existing cards. These MRP/errata are intended to help balance gameplay by nerfing the Scry Knacks a little and Kheired Din making the meta a lot less miserable, but some of these errata will also buff underpowered cards and strategies. With the new set legal, we hope to see some new ideas shine and dreams finally fulfilled for your favorite Captain (both Crimson Rogers and Sea Dogs got a LOT of love and help). NOTE: SOME OF THESE MRP/ERRATA AND NEW CARDS SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECT THE META, SO PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THROUGH THE NEW SET BEFORE DUSTING OFF YOUR OLD DECKS.

Below we've included some of the important MRP/errata but be aware that Den of Thieves, Gabriel are still legal as part of the new set and some other new cards will also change things up quite a bit too.


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