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Cabora's Coast Release

Finally after 2+ years of development and testing, we are happy to release a new fan set: Cabora's Coast. Today's release includes 25 new cards and 9 MRP/errata to existing cards. To play with the new cards, simply download and print the pdf, and after some arts and crafts they should fit right into a sleeve with your old cards. Or download the 7th Sea plugin on OCTGN and play with your friends using the voice chat in our Discord Server.

Download the pdf for Cabora's Coast HERE. (Link also available on our Resources Page.)

The Goals of This Set

This set is intended to be played with AEG's full run of the game from the first set, No Quarter all the way through Parting Shot. (Fair warning, we have never tried this with the other fan sets out there.) The size of the set was intended to be small enough so as not to be overwhelming but still have something for everyone. For example, fans of the Black Freighter behold The Brood:

In addition, we wanted to try and balance out some of the over and underpowered factions and aspects of the game. So for example there are some cards (i.e. - Den of Thieves) that hurt villainous captains, speed boarding and strategies that started tons of 1 and 2 cost crew. The errata to Kheired Din to have 7 starting wealth is another example (although he is still a very very good card even with the nerf.)

Some Help for the Little Guy

Unpowered factions, such as Crimson Rogers and Sea Dogs, got a lot of help so that they can hang with the top decks in the meta. We didn't just look at underpowered factions, but also considered other aspects of the game that were somewhat imbalanced, such as ship size.

Crew are the ultimate resource. They provide all of your resources for actions, absorb hits, add to your starting initiative and as a result they are the best cards to play. Small ships were intended to be more aggressive, but cards like Stand Together (and Buried Treasure that can recur it), A Final Test, and Strength of Destiny can really hose early aggressive strategies.

The following cards should help small ships hang in the mid-game. The card draw from Beth means that playing a ship attachment will not necessarily cost you the early game tempo and help you draw into Crew or other resources to keep up. Charmed Trinkets creates a whole new set of gameplay patterns and decisions on small ships to compete with the raw resources of the large ones.

New Starts and Build-Arounds

Cabora's Coast also opens up tons of new starts that enable consistency for build-around decks and strategies. Treasure Jim, for example, can sink a key card and be combined with Up and Ready or Buried Treasure to ensure you can consistently access that card in the early game.

Sebastian, is almost like your own build-a-bear, who can fetch a stat boost to complete on turn 1 (which combos well with The Discovery) and enable your deck's strategy from there.


The last page of our set will include some changes to existing cards. If you have ever played with or against Scry, then you know how quickly it becomes a negative experience, so we changed those cards via errata to remove the "Draw 1 card" text, which is still strong but not quite as OP.

Other Cards like The Freighter, just did not cut it for the power level of the all. So we changed some up the Crew Max for a couple of ships too.

So check out these changes on the last page as well and try them out with the rest of the cards. If you print the slips, they should seamlessly slip over the existing cards to provide the new gametext, very similar to how the Printable Errata Slips pdf works (released in 2021 for AEG cards.)


We hope that this set gives fans a reason to go back and dust off all their cards, including some who have never quite made it out of the binder, and provides the spark who a bunch of new ideas. We think this set is the missing piece you needed to pull together that 'battle box' of decks that you can continue to match against each other with friends for years to come.


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