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A Round Up of 7th Sea at Pax

7th Sea was present again this year at Pax Unplugged, which took place in Philadelphia, Pa during the weekend of Dec 2-4th, 2022. Pine Box Entertainment hosted an event for their new Expandable Card Game, 7th Sea: City of Five Sails (7s5s) . Six games of 7s5s took place Saturday, where winners of the event and best in faction players were able to some of the storyline events that the game will take.

7th Sea: City of Five Sails just recently wrapped up its and it now fully funded! Preorders and late pledges are now open for anyone looking to hop on board this new game as it releases this spring. This new game features leaders from Montaigne, Castille, Vodacce, Ussura and Eisen as they vie for control of the City of Five Sails.

Hayes Hunter won the event after a few more games for the top 4 and final confrontation.

On Sunday, the next and final day of the con, players gathered again for four games of the classic 7th Sea CCG. Pine Box Entertainment continued their tradition of setting aside space and organizing time during the weekend to hold another CCG event alongside their game as well.

This was the first event where Cabora's Coast was full legal, and decks played included Crimson Rogers (starting Vodacce Backers), Vesten Weather (feat. Orf and Twice-Blooded Apprentice from the new set), Montaigne Cannon, Gosse Control and a few more decks.

Huge thanks to Pine Box Entertainment for bringing back 7th Sea and continuing to make sure that there is still a place for fans of the CCG at their events! We looking forward to the next big con event at Gencon 2023!


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