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More 7th Sea Events This Year at Pax Unplugged!

Pine Box Entertainment is hosting another round of 7th Sea card events this December 2-4, at Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia. On Sunday, Dec. 4, there will be another retro event for the 7th Sea CCG from 10am-3pm. This event will be 4 games and includes the full AEG card pool of everything from No Quarter! through Parting Shot, as well as ALL of the cards and errata released in Cabora's Coast. (Cabora's Coast is available as a printable PDF, just like Parting Shot.) Feel free to stop by and hang out for some games! We'll have extra decks to lend out for anyone interested, and all play levels are encouraged to stop by. We are really looking forward to the opportunity to hang out with people IN REAL LIFE and play this game again! So this should be a fun, relaxed time for fans. Visit the Pax Unplugged Events page for more information and to buy your badge. (Note: The format listed in the event description is incorrect because Cabora's Coast is totally legal to include. We are really itching to play with some new cards over here.)

The CCG retro event follows the main event being run by Pine Box Entertainment on Saturday, Dec. 3rd when they will be hosting a tournament for their new game, 7th Sea: City of Five Sails. Now is a great time to jump into this new game as this event will be using starter decks, as the game gears up to its official release. The Kickstarter for City of Five Sails just successfully wrapped up gaining full funding for the game, so if you would like sign up for the pre-order notifications, you can sign up here.

For intro videos, sample games, and an overview of the new game, visit Pine Box Entertainment's Youtube Channel.

7th Sea is back! (In card form!) We look forward to meeting other fans, and playing some games in just a few short weeks.


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