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Cabora's Coast Deck Tech: Vesten

Cabora's Coast was intended to widen the choices in your card pool, introduce some new play patterns, and change how you might think about building decks. One example of how all this comes together is in the Vesten Deck featuring a Captain you may not have played as much as you would like to, Scar. (Who, having both Heroic and Villainous traits opens up quite a lot of cards for us to take advantage of.)

Well, here's the deck. (Shout out to "Madre Alfonso" whose archived deck submission back in 2002 serves as part of the inspiration for this deck.)

This deck features 2 new cards from Cabora's Coast in the start that help provide the backbone to build around: Treasure Jim, and Twice-Blooded Apprentice.

First, let's look at the Twice-Blooded Apprentice. Every turn he can pull a Laerdom or Pyeryem knack from your deck, which means you have a little extra breathing room by reliably pulling Sterk. (It's also a cheap in faction crew, so if you build a deck that would like Scar's ability that requires 4 or more other Crew is that much closer to coming online.)

The second piece of this start is using "Treasure" Jim to help get Orf our more reliably. With cards like Up and Ready x2, Buried Treasure x3, Flogging, and Black Heart, you should be able to get him out of the sunk pile and into play reliably enough to build around him. For decks with less card draw, I would even include another 2 copies of the crew in the main deck, but Scar has so many ways to get to him here that it isn't necessary in this case. In addition to killing their crew via a duel, Orf is also your key to Card Draw because once he starts a duel, The Dolphin, Fancy Swordplay x3 and a bunch of other cards kick in to help you draw into your deck. Pulling copies of Sterk as needed with the Twice-Blooded Apprentice also gives you an occasional out if you don't want to commit to winning a duel. Just be sure to save your copies of Endings and Beginnings for later if you can. You'll see why soon.

How does the deck win? First you soften your opponent up with a duel from Orf and then eventually you get out several other pieces that will all work together to create enough damage to win.

Yr Hagin Bronsson is deceptively dangerous as a complimentary source of damage. Combined with Endings and Beginnings you can deal a LOT of damage. Each copy of Yr Hagin would deal 7 points of damage to the opponent when they draw those cards during the actions phase. Look the Devil in the Eye can play a similar role in forcing the opponent to draw cards and triggering this damage after a duel. Buried Treasure can be used to recur Endings and Beginnings a second time on the following turn to threaten even more damage! Yr Hagin is also a convenient Laerdom Sorcery to pay for Bones of our Ancestors.

Dealing damage when the opponent draws cards during the actions phase with Yr Hagen is just one step of putting the opponent in a vise. Johnny Terwilliger is the last piece of this puzzle with his cannon attack of 4 that comes with the extra protection from reacts due to Johnny's game text. Either of these cards, combined with Bones of Our Ancestors and/or Cat O' Nine Tails can finish off an opponent.

Every faction in the 7th Sea CCG has those one or two crew that give it a unique advantage. Yr Hagin Bronsson, and Orf are two of the best crew that the Vesten have in their arsenal. Orf's ability to duel gives you access to card draw, and "Treasure" Jim's ability to make him more accessible as a build-around in each game really opens up a lot of possibilities for Vesten to be even more potent and interesting.

Have a deck idea of your own? Maybe you really want to use parts of this engine so that Orf can draw into a stockpile of weather cards with Yngvild, or perhaps you've got another deck that "Treasure" Jim could grab a key card for? Drop into our 7th Sea CCG Discord server and share your thoughts.


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