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7th Sea CCG Tournament @ GenCon 2022!!!

This summer at GenCon, Pine Box is hosting a pair of 7th Sea events. One of which will be for their new 7th Sea game, The City of Five Sails, and other [drum roll....] for the 7th Sea CCG will be hosted at GenCon on Saturday, August 7th, 2022. Details below. The folks at Pine Box thought this would be a good way to connect both fans of the new and old 7th Sea world as they debut their new game under the IP. There will be a bunch of sweet prizes provided from Pine Box including lots of 7th Sea CGGs cards and rares for participants and the winner will receive a storyline prize to be incorporated into the story of the new 7th Sea game by Pine Box Entertainment, The City of Five Sails. Note the format details for this event will include everything released by AEG from Broadsides all the way through Parting Shot, plus 3 new additions. Two new cards from our upcoming fan set, Cabora's Cost, will be legal as well as an errata for Kheired-Din will be in effect. The intent of this format with a couple new cards for this was mostly to avoid a couple big imbalances in the game for this event while still preserving as much of the nostalgia for this game as possible. (But this is also a good time to note that this doubles as a preview for another upcoming announcement, a new fan set, Cabora's Coast, that has been long in development and playtesting during the pandemic.) If there was ever a time to dust off your boarding skills and assemble decks from your favorite factions, THIS IS IT!

(Click photo to download event PDF in High-Res)


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