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Cabora's Coast Inside Look: Crimson Rogers


Crimson Rogers are definitely one of the most Iconic factions when it comes the story of 7th Sea, unfortunately they are generally one of the least competitive. One of the reasons for this is that the Crimson Rogers generally lack the ability to absorb hits, combined with lower than average influence to efficiently hire new crew. Considering the number of disadvantages such an iconic faction faces when compared to the stats and abilities of other factions, the Crimson Rogers are getting a little more attention than most factions in Cabora's Coast.

While they generally lack the ability to absorb hits or generate influence within their faction, one strength that Crimson Rogers have is access to strong cannon attacks as well as some solid cards for boarding attacks. In the past they relied heavily on Cat O' Nine Tails to offset this. With the introduction of Den of Thieves, they were pushed even further down the competitive ladder, which brings us to today's cards!

Reis' Marketeer

With Den of Thieves impeding the typical start of several cheap crew for Cat O' Nine Tails; This guy will help by allowing a start closer to those of old, while also counting towards turning on your Captain's ability.

Vodacce Backers

Similar to Reis' Marketeer, this card is designed to give you the option to have an alternate path with your starting crew. Instead of a bunch of cheap disposable crew, you can hire a more expensive crew in order to get your strategy up and going faster! If you look within the Crimson Roger faction, they are probably the only faction without a 3 cost crew that provides 2 influence. Unfortunately this trend continues with most of their crew until you get to some of the more expensive options. This card should help shore up some of their weaknesses letting you dig into the best their faction has to offer without being too strong in the context of the other cards released in this set, such as Den of Thieves.

Stephen Fevrier

I started out by mentioning that Crimson Roger typically has solid aggression, but not much in the way of influence and damage mitigation, and ironically this guy continues that trend. The philosophy here is that instead of trying to give them cards to patch up a weakness, instead make them even better at what they already do with flexible aggression.

Don't overlook the importance of having a cheap crew with the Gunner (and potentially Topman) keywords. Stephen Fevrier can be a threatening aggressive presence on turn 1 when combined with other cards such as Imprisonment in El Morro. Gotta love having more consistency!


If Crimson Rogers were your favorite faction, hopefully Cabora's Coast offers the perfect pieces to pull your deck together. Whether its starting someone iconic like Riant, playing Stephen turn one for early pressure, or boarding with Captain Reis. There should be new possibilities within each path you choose that have a chance to keep up with the best decks in your local playgroup.


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