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Updates & New Resources!

I'm happy to announce that a lot of updates have been going on in the 7th Sea Community during quarantine over the past year. Here's a quick list of topics and then I'll run through each in more detail:

First off is OCTGN. In the resources section the link has been updated to a new page. The game plugin has been updated to work with the latest version, all of the missing cards such as all of the Promos have been added, and extensive work has been done to fix any image and text errors. For anyone who wants to play online, OCTGN has been our favorite resource for deckbuilding and gameplay.

Next up is Untap, which is a great web-based alternative to OCTGN (especially essential for Mac users.) Untap is free, no download required and lets you play 7th Sea Online. All of the cards have been added, but be careful to select the version of each card where the set has the image available, or you can use the feature that lets you edit the card props and add an url to a image online. ( has been a great resource for finding almost all of the card images online).

Include either in the Resources section, or in the Discord server are lots of new printable resources. The Errata Slips lets you cut a high quality image of the text box with the later reprinted version of the card (known as the MRP rule.) In the Discord server, the remastered Parting Shot pdf puts all of the cards from the last official set into the classic frames and replaces some of the images. We also added the Beginner's Guide pdf to the resources section.

I've mentioned the new Discord Server a few times, so let me go into more detail about that now. There is a permanent invite link on the website in a few places. (Discord is a chat app, similar to Slack but more geared for gaming.) I highly recommend joining and checking out all of the great downloadable resources, deck lists, and strategy there. We also use that app all of the time for rules question, brewing, and hang out in the voice channels when playing online. (We almost always stream our games there and you are more than welcome to come hang out and watch when we are on.)

Lastly, we just launched a new YouTube channel with a few vods from our gaming sessions. Keep an eye out for more posts about that here, as we will likely continue to update this site as more games are added there each month.

Anyways, that seems like a hefty bit to unload in one post. I'm sure I'll revisit these again and continue to post more updates. Just like the game, this site is Not Quite Dead ;)

[insert pirate slogan here]



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