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New Fan Set Upcoming: Cabora’s Coast

We are pleased to announce that after several years of development and testing, a new fan set, Cabora’s Coast will be released August 8th!

This set is intended as a standalone from the other fan sets to be combined with the AEG pool of cards released from No Quarter through Parting Shot. It will include 25 new printable cards (2 additional cards will be released at a later date) and 9 errata / MRP to existing AEG cards.

Conceived to address existing issues and incomplete design themes, each card was created with these goals in mind. The foremost intent of the set is to balance the oppressive strategies popularized by the World Championship at GenCon 2002. Those attending GenCon in 2022 will be familiar with one of this new family of cards:

Additionally, several cards in Cabora’s Coast will boost some of your favorite factions:

Bonnie fans, we haven’t forgotten about you:

This set will open up new strategies and possibilities for you to explore, utilizing even more of your collection…

We have implemented changes to other pushed mechanics as well – We’ve removed the “draw” text from scry knacks, for instance. It’s not only judicious wielding of the nerf bat, though. We made a few changes to empower existing cards as well. And, let’s face it, we know it probably drove some of you nuts that Captain’s Quarters wasn’t a ship attachment.

Cabora’s Coast includes errata slips that you can place in a sleeve over the original game text to update these cards.

Check back here on in 2 weeks for the release. Cabora’s Coast goes live on Monday, August 8th and can be downloaded either in PDF, to print and play with your local gaming groups, or in OCTGN to build decks and play online!


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