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A Few More MRPs Unearthed from the Past

The old website, 7th Sea World, may not be up an running but its archive on TheWayBackMachine has been giving a glimpse into the past metas of what this resource had to offer with tons of 7th Sea Decklists, Fiction, and even some MRP. While digging through, I noticed this old post submitted right around the time Parting Shot was being released. Apparently there was one more round of 'MRP' (most recently printed, or errata) to give these folks a few extra icons for Nationalities or Society Memberships that should have been obvious to a keen fan. For anyone playing online using the plugin for OCTGN you'll find the updates already available in the latest game version and image pack. If nothing replaces that feeling of pushing around cardboard for you, we've got you covered. You can print out slips from our Printable Errata Slips PDF. All you need to do is print out the pdf, cut out the individual slips and put them over your genuine cards to get all the latest text and symbols. (Both of these can also be found on this site, in the resources section.) Nationalities and Society Memberships were added in the last couple sets of the games life, so these might not be the biggest impact compared to all the other changes, but it felt good to try and recover as much as the games history as possible.


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