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New Tabletop Simulator Mod for Steam!

Greetings Pirate Nation! I hope you are all faring well in quarantine during this unique time. If you are finding the need to be plundering the high seas while the yellow flag flies then send your thanks to Aaron (aka sayblekitten) for his 7th Sea mod playable on Steam.

From Aaron:

"Ok, so it's a mod for Tabletop Simulator. That means you'll need Steam and the video game 'Tabletop Simulator' to run it. Here's a link on how you install mods for tabletop simulator:

Here is a link to the mod:

If/once you have Tabletop Simulator installed, all you need to do is click 'subscribe' and the next time you launch tabletop simulator, you should find it in the "workshop" section when creating a new game.

And lastly, I'd like to apologize for the low quality of the pictures on the cards, I couldn't find good quality images of the cards. If I had the original cards, or high quality scans of the cards, I could create better quality images for the mod. Or, you know, perhaps someone else from your site could add to/improve the mod as well!"

If anyone would like to contribute to the mod please contact Aaron directly:

Stay well all!

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