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Patreon Launched

Ahoy Scallywags! As you may have seen in the past I need some help keeping this site in tip top shape. There is a cost to the Wix service I use to host and maintain the site as well as the domain, file storage and every once in a while I need a freelancer. In the past I tried an incentive based donation structure, which was moderately successful. Since then several people have asked me to start a Patreon to support the site, and I am happy to announce that today is the day! The Patreon link has been added to the site's header and you will find it by clicking the Patreon logo below.

So, whats the skinny with Patreon?

It is a site where you can support creators, who are making and supporting things you like. Artists and YouTubers use it a lot to monetize their content. With enough subscribers even a small pledge will allow a creator like me to cover my costs. I am not trying to do this for a living and I don't need much to run this site, so I am asking for $1 month! That's it.

So... Rewards!?

Chya! on the right side of the Patreon page you will see rewards for different amounts you initially pledge. Feel free to pledge at this level for the first month and drop down to whatever level you are comfortable with.

  • $1- Generous Scallywag: You're a deck swabbin' Scallywag. Your help keeps the site up and running!

  • $10 - Privateer: An extra ration of Rum for ye! Your pirate name on the site

  • $20 - Charitable Crew: It's Syrneth all right! You get early access to new content and can beta test new features as well as your pirate name on the site.

  • $35 - Philanthropic Plunderer: You deserve some booty, so I will mail you a complete set of Parting Shot... Yes, 54 real cards. You will also get early access to new content and can beta test new features as well as your own pirate name.

Goals... sure, why not?

The goals for the site are initially pretty humble, just help me keep the lights on. However, they become more ambitious as the dollar amounts become more ridiculous. If you would love a 7th Sea CCG app and have the means, let me know!

Please click the Patreon logo and make a pledge to help support the site. Everyone will know you are invested in our community and want to make 7th Sea stronger!

Many Thanks,


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