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7th Sea CCG Card Library

A new weapon has been added to the arsenal of 7th Sea CCG players everywhere; a card library web app! Every 7th Sea card with its text, traits, set information, and art are now searchable from any device. You can bookmark the page on your mobile device and access 7th Sea from anywhere.

Filtering cards is easily accomplished using the text or drop down filters at the top of the page, and results are presented on left. The selected result appears on the right or all in line in the mobile view. This tool is great for players and collectors alike as you can search and filter on card and set data, so you can find all the rares in Reaper's Fee or search for all the Swordsman +4 crew (Experienced Torvo Espada). Further explanation outlined in the following image:

Please let me know what you think of the tool and if you have any suggestions. 

Future improvements will include:

  • Enhanced User Interface

  • All Parting Shots Cards - Added 10/10/2017

  • Exclude Filters

Improved artist filter

Add fixed and sea cards for all sets

Update nationality/society information

Card rulings

Add special character cheat sheet to top of page - Added 10/15/2017

Happy Swashbuckling!


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