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Please Support!

Hello all,

The 7th Sea CCG community has grown quite a bit over the last year and it is wonderful to have so many new crew aboard! Everyone has be very complimentary of the site and indicated that the resources that I have posted here are extremely helpful. I am very glad to help new and old players play the game.

However, there is a cost to manage and host all this information and I would like to ask the community to please support during the holidays. The cost to run this site are substantial, so I am now soliciting donations to help cover annual fees for hosting, storage, design, etc. cost. Please click the donation button in the upper right side of the site to make a donation of any amount.

Giving Levels*:

$0-$11 - Generous Scallywag: Your name on the site and your own pirate name

$12-$25 - Privateer: Above plus sealed Fate's Debt booster pack (while supplies last)

$26-$50 - Charitable Crew: Above plus sealed starter (various sets)

$51-$100 - Philanthropic Plunderer: Above plus a PROMO card (various)

$100+ - Generous Commodore: Above plus and a printed set of Parting Shot cards (real card stock)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from! We hope you have an excellent holiday and a prosperous new year.

Thanks to Eddy Hosszu for putting together a great Christmas Card.

*Gifts are not tax deductible. Perks are provided while supplies last.

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