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The Crow's Nest Newsletters

The Crow's Nest was AEG's quarterly newsletter for members of the 7th Sea Fan Club. It featured a promo card and content related to both the card game and RPG. The strategy articles discuss faction traits, play techniques, and sample decks. They are excellent reads and certainly worth a download from the Resources section of the site.

Unfortunately, only 8 Crow's Nests were published and the issue numbers were a bit odd. The Crow's Nest started with issue #0 and later AEG combined the newletter with the Doomtown newletter after issue #2 and restarted the issue numbers from 1. These are numbered 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B.

As we know Doomtown rode into the sunset and AEG kept distributing new Crow's Nest until issue #5, which coincided with Reaper's Fee and Horizon's Edge release.

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