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Strategy Series: 7th Sea Beginners Guide

Sometime ago I found just the introduction to this guide while digging through archival information from a long forgotten 7th Sea fan site: 7th Sea World. It was extremely fortunate that, after over a decade, Jason was still using the same email address and still had the original word documents for the following six chapters. All too often gems like this from the golden age of 7th Sea are lost forever and I am very happy to be able to breathe new life into such an excellent guide. The guide, as last revised by Jason, was updated after the release of Reaper’s Fee sometime in the late Spring of 2001. Jason was gracious enough to share his work publically once again and it has been a real pleasure to update the guide to include the complete card base and game aspects through the last release. Thank you to all the 7th Sea faithful around the world, who have made building such a joy over the last year.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about this guide, please feel free to send a message via We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have on ways to improve the site, this guide, or anything else related to 7th Sea CCG.

An excerpt from the Introduction:

"Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to 7th Sea CCG. This guide is intended to help new players learn the game of 7th Sea, expose them to the strategies they are likely to encounter, give ideas on how to make decks, provide information about the game and help them to become better players...

  • Chapter 1 of this guide looks at the different factions and their respective strengths and weaknesses, along with the story behind each. This is designed to help new players find a faction which interests them and fits their style.

  • Chapter 2 looks at many different types of decks which you may want to make or will encounter. The most common types and variants are looked at along with their advantages and disadvantages, and examples of each type.

  • Chapter 3 lists the different sets of 7th Sea and when they were released, along with what they added to the game and cards to get from those sets.

  • Chapter 4 is a list of mistakes commonly made by beginning players and how to avoid them. These are things which I and other people have observed beginners often do and how they can be fixed to make them into better players.

  • Chapter 5 contains sample decks for every faction, constructed from only common and uncommon cards to make them easier to create. Each one is an example of a different type of deck so beginning players can see what different deck types would look like. Each deck contains a section on how to play this deck, how to beat the deck if you face one, and rare cards which would be good to get for that type of deck. Additionally, there are only decks for the most common ships and captains for each faction. You are review additional ships and captains at

  • Chapter 6 is a miscellaneous chapter that has information that I though beginners would like to know, such as card distribution, what foils are and where they can be found, tournament rules, and 7th Sea resources on the internet."

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