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AEG Sells 7th Sea Rights to John Wick

Some fantastic news came out not long ago that the rights to the 7th Sea franchise have been sold to its creator, John Wick and his company John Wick Presents. Besides the press release, short video by John and a vague website, there is little more information to share other than 7th Sea will be returning... at some point... soon-ish (we hope)!

The press release does elude to Alderac's excellence in "card and board games", so my hunch is John Wick will revive the RPG and Alderac will release a reboot of 7th Sea in some way. Likely a Doomtown Reloaded style card game. Perhaps they will just reprint Iron Shadow, but with the original card frames? That would not break my heart!

More to come and happy gaming all,


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