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7th Sea Complete Database and Text Proxy Engine

A great tool was sent to me the other day and I wanted to share it with the 7th Sea CCG community.

It is an Excel sheet with a complete dataset of set, rarity, text, errata, and artists for every card printed. In addition to being a complete database of 7th Sea Cards, it also has two excellent features:

1) A text only proxy generator

2) A deck builder

Print friendly card proxy generator

Robust deck builder with filters

While it is pretty easy to use, I will help flatten the learning curve for you. Also note:

  • Use the quick keys to get the most out of the utility

  • the "Blank Deck" tab should not be altered, it is used as a template

  • Work off the "Spoiler List" tab

Along the top you will see a series of filters, which you can use to review and segment the cards you are looking for. In column B you will find all the card names and the first row has two buttons "Nam" and "View Card", these will filter and visualize a card selected respectively. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+v to visualize the card.

The deck builder interface can be brought up with CTRL+SHIFT+d, which allows you to build a deck and save it in various file format, or to load a previously saved deck. Saving your deck as proxies will give you a print friendly html page for easy print and cut proxies.

If you save a deck in excel format it will provide a statistical breakdown of the decks traits and stats in addition to the deck list. You can always load a deck list and generate proxies from it as well!

Enjoy and happy gaming,


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