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Fanset: Westernly Winds Draft Release!

7th Sea Westernly Winds Logo

Westernly Winds are Blowing In!!!

This is a very exciting annoucement: for the first time in many years we have new 7th Sea cards!

When 7th Sea was discontinued in 2002 the generous team at AEG left us with one last gift, Parting Shot. The final 55 card set was meant to round out the card pool and equalize the factions... yes, even Gosse's Gentlemen. While this helped button up some story elements and gave the remaining diehards a few precious new cards to obsess over, it left a sinking feeling. No more packs to open, no new game elements, and no more fresh scallywag cardboard to throw down.

The 7th Sea community is not so easily disbanded though, and over a decade ago a group of former playtesters led by Evan Dunn were hard at work developing a new 100 card set of 7th Sea, Westernly Winds. Unfortunately, the winds changed and the project was shuttered until recently. After set out to organize a community driven fanset, several people who had been involved in the project reached out and dropped a treasure trove of playtester approved cards in my lap. The special delivery included test notes, frames, artwork, and even a set symbol. The quality of the work is extremely impressive and clearly the group had set out to do the series the justice it deserves.

Westernly Winds picks up where Syrneth Secret and Parting Shot left off, and you will find new Secret Society members as well as new elements like Clockwork and Locations. Thank you to all who contributed to the first 7th Sea fanset and the first new cards to see the light of day in more than a decade! A list of credits, as I know them, can be found below; please join me in extending our graditude to Evan Dunn and the others involved for thier efforts.

How to Get It

This is the moment we have all been waiting for, the draft release for the first 7th Sea fanset. So why just a draft? The goal was to have a set driven by the community and while I have organized and filled in the gaps from the materials I was given, I still need your help! The Flickr account has a new album of the entire Westrnly Winds set. With a free Flickr account you can review, suggest art via links, and most importantly, comment on each card, so this will be the sounding board for all feedback.

Some items that need the group’s attention are:

  • Royalty free artwork: please provide links to appropriate artwork or submit your own

  • Proofing text/spelling: Any English teachers out there?

  • Formatting Review: Everything look about right?

  • Legality: do all cards seem legal for 7th Sea rules

  • General feedback on cards and balance

Once the loose ends are taken care of there will be an official release with print and play PDFs like Parting Shot. I have also created a printable expansion box, so you can have the joy of unwrapping your new set. You can sink your scurvy teeth into the new set here and make sure to contribute!


Credits (alphabetically):

Eric - Art

*Evan Dunn (QuietCorn) - Lead Developer, organizer, and artist

Evi Spanou - Art

Jorge Alba Guaita - Set collaborator and contributed original Westernly Winds files.

(DarkJodo) - Contributed original Westernly Winds files.

Laura Almagro - Art

Lucia Starkey - Art

Stuart Longley - Contributor

Victor Dunn - Art

Wes Jones - Art

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