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The Plot in the 7th Sea CCG


This is a post from the now defunct Revenants' 7th Sea site. It explains the plot of the game for the first 5 sets. Enjoy!


For those of us that don't follow the CCG we are still aware that the storyline seems to be advancing at a pace, whilst the RPG has yet to kick off. Fear not, for come the autumn AEG should be setting the ball rolling and we'll see some development, but for those of you with and interest in what has already gone before Rob Vaux, The Crows Nest & Dana DeVries have put together this useful breakdown. Each release of the card game progresses the story along and give a good illustration of the theme and direction the game is going in.

As far as the RPG storyline goes it still remains a bit in the dark as to whether it will be joined with that of the CCG. Initially I was under the impression that the two would be fairly separate, events in the CCG remaining out at Sea whilst the RPG would focus on the Nations and their antics inland. However, can we take this to mean that if (for example) the Brotherhood of the Coast and Allende and tied up with the Crescents in the CCG, will the same pirates be unavailable to the events in Castille as far as the RPG storyline? I think this will probably have to be the case, because i) you can't really have the same well-known pirates such as Reis and Berek undertaking various activities at the same time and still maintain some coherence, and ii) I think AEG will try to steer the focus of each game's story on one aspect so that a different aspect is available to the other. It'll certainly be interesting though.

No Quarter / Broadsides

The story beings on the five navigable seas of Théah, where mighty navies and wily pirates clash for supremacy of the waves. Strongest among these is the royal navy of Montaigne - the proud armada of the world's most powerful nation. Led by an Eisen mercenary calling himself "The General", the Montaigne forces have dedicated themselves to hunting down pirates of all colors. Their primary target is a ship called the Hanged Man, whose captain, Allende, leads a nation of buccaneers who recently freed themselves from their island prison. After revolting and overpowering the guards, they proclaimed themselves "The Brotherhood of the Coast", using the captured island as a base to raid shipping at will. Allende's first mate is a strange Vodacce witch named Alesio, who has helped him avoid the General's cunning traps.

But Allende isn't the only pirate to ply the Théah seas, or even the most fearsome. Even the General gives pause when considering the bloodthirsty crew of the Crimson Rogers. The Rogers attack without warning, flying scarlet sails drenched in the blood of their victims. They leave no survivors after their forays, sending those who oppose them to watery graves. Their captain, the legendary butcher known only as Reis, inspires mind-numbing terror in those he faces. He wields a strange scythe forged by inhuman hands, and has left a trail of blood across the waters of Théah.

Then there are the privateers known only as the Sea Dogs. These wily pirates work for the island nation of Avalon, hunting the enemies of Queen Elaine in the name of their country. Through a combination of daring and ingenuity, they have harassed shipping up and down the Théah coast. Captain Jeremiah Berek has the cunning of a tiger, and seems blessed with inhuman luck when pulling off his audacious schemes. His first mate, "Bloody" Bonnie McGee, is the only sailor ever to face the Crimson Rogers and live.

While the Sea Dogs serve as Avalon's unofficial navy, other countries have more formal forces at their disposal. the nation of Castille, once a formidable naval power, has fallen on hard times following the destruction of their armada at the hands of the Sea Dogs. Montaigne has invaded the western half of their country and placed a formidable blockade on their once-bountiful ports. But all is not lost. A Castillian Admiral named Enrique Orduno has been slowly reforming his nation's navy, maneuvering to retake the oceans that his country once ruled. While the Montaigne blockade holds, there are those among the General's staff who watch Orduno's progress with growing unease.

Finally, there are those who serve neither gold nor country, but follow a much more personal call. The Explorer's Society - an organization of archaeologist and sailors dedicated to discovering the mysteries of Théah - plies the waves in defiance of all dangers. One captain among them seems particularly driven. Guy McCormick, a dedicated Society member, has lost his wife to the mysteries of the sea. But he believes that she lives and has dedicated his crew to finding her. In so doing, he may unlock the key to a mystery as old as Théah itself.

These six forces, locked in a struggle over a destiny even they cannot foresee, launch the story of 7th Sea.

Strange Vistas

Two new captains enter the battle for control of the Théan seas, as different as night and day. The legendary gentleman pirate Philip Gosse emerges from thirty years of retirement for one last glorious adventure. he brings with him a crew of both young and old aboard his ship, the Uncharted Course, ready to face whatever fates deals them on this, their captain's last call to glory.

from the isolated Crescent Empire comes a much different crew : the Corsairs, led the fanatical Kheired-Din. He believes he is guided by a higher power, destined to bring an apocalyptic revelation to an unsuspecting Théah. His vessels are powered by slave rowers captured from coastal villages all along southern Théah. The Corsairs use Syrneth devices and other horrors to strike down their enemies, though they avoid combat with well-armed ships if possible. Some whisper that Kheired-Din is immortal, and his crew would be hard pressed to disagree.

While these two forces make their presence known, Guy McCormick makes a startling discovery that may lead him to his long-lost wife - a series of Syrneth "switches," scattered in the far corners of the globe, along with the means to activate them. His ship sets sail, unaware that the Corsairs have already found and activated the first switch for their own reasons.

Meanwhile, the Castillian armada suffers its first setback, as one of their ships, laden with treasure, is sunk by the Crimson Rogers. Among the valuables lost is a priceless Cross of the Vaticine Church, an object Reis desired for his own purposes. With Orduno busy fighting the Montaigne, he could never recover the stolen goods. Unfortunately, it isn't Orduno the Rogers had to worry about. A Sea Dog con man, "Lyin'" John Fox, catches wind of the Rogers' plan and follows them once they had acquired the cross. In a reckless act of daring, Berek steals the treasure from the Rogers' hiding place, adding its wealth to the Avalon coffers. When he learns of the theft Reis swears to sink the Sea Dogs and their foolhardy captain.

The Sea Dogs aren't the only bold thieves in Théah however. The Brotherhood of the Coast conduct a daring midnight raid on a coastal Montaigne estate, making off with a small fortune in gold and jewels. Rumor has it that the royal family of Ussura commissioned the Brotherhood to conduct the raid, in order to retrieve several historical heirlooms taken by the Montaigne. The General, who has quarreled fiercely with his men since taking his assignment, is unable to prevent the theft. He promises to bring all his forces to bear against the Hanged Man and her crew.

Shifting Tides

A new faction enters the game : the fearsome Vesten Raiders, striking against those who would sell their ancient birthrights for profit. Led by Yngvild Olafsdottir, they fight a civil war against their "progressive" countrymen, the Vendel. With the power of magical runes and a fierceness born of desperation, the Vesten battle to preserve their people's traditions. Unbeknownst to Olafsdottir, there is a traitor in her midst - Jorund Guttormson, a crewman she trusts with her life, has been bought by the Vendel. When the time is right, he plans to betray her to her enemies.

Despite this new threat, the other crews continue on their respective paths. McCormick discovers a rare Syrnath compass that can lead him to the hidden switches, and his crew quickly finds and activates what they believe is the first. Kheired-din continues searching for the remaining switches, his reasons as enigmatic as ever.

Meanwhile, in a bold stroke, the General finally catches up to the Hanged Man before it can reach its island home. The Brotherhood is no match for the Montaigne guns, and their vessel endures a firestorm of cannon and grapeshot. As the deck burns around her, Allende's mate Alesio is paralyzed by a revelation - she is destined to betray her captain. As the Montaigne board the vessel, they meet with fierce resistance from the outnumbered crew, determined to fight to the last man. Alesio shakes off her horrifying vision long enough to pluck the strings of fate and change the outcome of the battle. As the General waits aboard his vessel to hear news of Allende's capture, a messenger appears (using the Montaigne teleporting magic of Porte) with dire news : Admiral Orduno's Castillian armada has smashed Montaigne's blockade. The General must break off immediately and return to port of else risk being cut off and sunk by the Castillians. Howling in rage, the General abandons his catch, leaving the Hanged Man broken and battered, but intact. Alesio's magic has saved her crew.

As the Brotherhood struggles to repair their vessel, they receive help from and unforeseen source - Captain Gosse and the Uncharted Course. Gosse arrives with much needed supplies and orders his crew to assist in repairing the Hanged Man. Following his assistance, he announces that he intends to rob the Hanged Man blind. He simply though it was unsporting to do so while the ship was in such dire straits. Laughing at the man's audacity, Allende allow him to leave with the lion's share of the Brotherhood's booty.

Upon returning to port, the General learns that he is no longer in charge of the Montaigne navy. Admiral Valoix Praisse du Rachetisse III has taken command following Orduno's new offensive. With the Montaigne blockade broken and the Castillians on the warpath, chasing pirates is no longer a priority. The General is left in charge of but a single ship, while the remainder of the navy sets sails against the Castillians.

But the most terrible battle involves not nations or navies, but the reckless pride of a pair of pirates. After a swift chase, the Crimson Rogers catch up with Jeremiah Berek and his Sea Dogs, launching a brutal attack against their flagship, the Black Dawn. Knowing that his crew cannot face the Rogers alone, Berek orders his first mate to flee with the vessel, while he boards the Rogers' ship to do battle with Reis. The daring Avalon is no match for Reis, taking heavy injuries before tumbling overboard in a wash of foamy blood. His sacrifice is not in vain, however; while Reis was busy with Berek, Bonnie McGee cuts the Black Dawn free of his ship and speeds away. By the time Reis finishes with Berek, the rest of his prey has escaped. Bonnie vows revenge against the Crimson Rogers.

Scarlet Seas

Bonnie McGee takes control of the Sea Dogs and transfers to a new flagship, the Hurricane. With the help of her first mate, the Glamour mage Celedoine, she travels to the land of the Sidhe in search for the power to destroy the Crimson Rogers. Meanwhile Reis begins searching for Bonnie to fulfill his own vow to destroy her and the Sea Dogs. Neither knows that Berek lives. He drifts while clinging to a figurehead for several days before he is picked up by the crew of the Hanged Man. Alesio has manipulated fate to rescue him in the belief that he will be able to counteract the betrayal she still foresees.

The Inquisition approaches the General with a bribe to turn over his remaining crew to them. They will be put on trail for their crimes against Castille. Still fuming over the desertion of many of his men, the General agrees. The Admiral abandons the blockade in favor of an assault upon the naval base of San Felipe. Orduno has anticipated this and the Montaigne are driven off after difficult fighting.

Jorund Guttormson springs his trap for Olafsdottir and her raiders when they capture a Vendel ship. The supposedly unarmed men attempt to kill the Vesten, but the doughty Vesten defeat their foes. Hoskuld Hardrada takes the bullet meant for Yngveld Olafsdottir but lives while Iken is killed in the fighting. Guttormson manages to escape in the confusion.

The Explorers and Corsairs both find the third switch at the same time. Neither side is willing to share the prize and so they begin to fight for it. In the midst of the fighting Maggie Malone, one of the Explorer's topmen, falls and Kheired-Din sees a strange mark upon her foot. It is the mark of the Lightbringer. He immediately calls a halt to the fighting and agrees to work with Guy McCormick to find and activate all of the switches. They activate the third switch together. McCormick does not entirely trust him and so sends one of his own crew, Jacob Faust, along with Kheired-Din.

Black Sails

While the factions vie for control of the seas, there are casualties amongst all parties. And a nightmare returns to capitalize upon them. The Black Freighter, a rotting pirate ship crewed by the souls lost at sea, begins to appear with more frequency. Many of the men and women lost during the various naval battles are now found upon the Black Freighter. Others are dragged on board while doing battle with these skeletal abominations. It is commanded by the evil captain Necros, a man killed by Phillip Gosse out of revenge for torture and murder of Gosse's wife. Necros has returned for vengeance against Phillip Gosse fueled by all the powers of Legion. Two of his first victims are Gosse's nephew Thomas and Dalia of the Corsairs.

Fate's Debt The Brotherhood suffers a tragic loss as Allende is betrayed by Alesio as she foretold. Alesio's fellow Fate witches have taken Allende to Vincenzo Caligari. Alesio warns Jeremiah Berek of the impending doom facing the Hanged Man. Jeremiah warns the Brotherhood crew and leads them to the acquisition of the Falcon's Roost. The General guides the Grenouille du Grace to the rendezvous with Orduno and the Inquisition. The General finally makes his decision and loads the guilders paid him by the Inquisition and fires the guilders at the Corazon de Castille. Enrique Orduno, questioning the honor of the General until that moment, refuses to pursue the Grenouille du Grace. The Inquisition, furious at Odruno's disobedience, arrest the Admiral. The Montaigne have also taken the battle to some Castillian towns, putting Castille on the defensive in their war. Frustrated at the loss of Dalia to the Black Freighter, Ernesto Castillus (aka Espera) decides it is time for him to leave Kheired-Din's employ. Ernesto reveals his mastery of El Fuego Adentro (fire magic), and leads many of the captives on the Strange Skies to freedom. Kheired-Din nearly stops the fleeing captives, but Dunti fires a pistol point blank into Kheired-Din's chest. The captives capture the Prophet's Word and rename the vessel Freedom's Key. Mike Fitzpatrick also managed to kill Andres Donovich before escaping the Strange Skies and joining the Montaigne. Philip Gosse and his crew have located the Spear of the West Wind. Philip wants to ensure that the Black Freighter never gains control of such a before artifact and destroys the Spear. Reis is unable to locate Bonnie McGee and exact his retribution, and thus he leads the Rogers on raids across the shores of Avalon. Meanwhile, Bonnie has journeyed to Eisen in order to supply herself with a Drachneisen blade. Yngvild Olasdottir continues to search for the location of Jorund Guttorson, who betrayed her. Using Vesten moles within the Vendel merchant classes, such as Niklaas Wynkoop, Yngvild hopes to complete her search soon. Guy McCormick grows more passionate in his quest to find all of the Switches, often showing signs of a darker nature. In one instance, Willy falls and McCormick commands his crew to leave the gunner alone because "He's gone". The Fourth Switch is activated.

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