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Fan Set Update: Westernly Winds

I would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support, help and ideas since I announced the intention to develop a new set of fan generated cards for 7th Sea. The response from the community has been astounding with messages and submissions from fans all over the globe. To date I have compiled almost 300 new card ideas, which I never would have dreamed after just 30 days; thank you, thank you, thank you!

With so many card ideas, and hopefully many more coming, I anticipate the release of at least two fan sets over the coming months. One will be a 50-100 card set called Jolly Roger and the other will be another 50-100 card set called Westernly Winds. Westernly Winds is currently the more developed of the two, so expect to see that drop for grading sometime this spring (for those in the northern hemisphere). Jolly Roger will follow in the fall, though some of the prototypes are available on the site right now.

How is Westernly Winds the more developed set? This was a fan set under development by former 7th Sea play testers in the mid-2000s, and one fan was kind enough to share their work with me. The files I received included 15 pages of card ideas in various stages of completeness along with 42 finished card images with original artwork! 'The Banshee' above is one of those cards, and the rest of the set is equally exciting. Plenty more where that came from :)

If you would like to contribute there is a card submission form available on the Fan Card Gallery, and you are also welcome to contact me directly if you have a file or doc already written with card ideas. A few of us have a card creation thread going at

The final piece of this process is fan grades and comments, the tool for which is admittedly pretty weak at the moment. The basic gallery on this site is not the best, and I am looking into adding something more robust to make the process easier for everyone. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Once cards are mocked up there will be PDFs, similar to Parting Shots, released for print and play.

If you would like to be more involved in the set creation process I would welcome the help, so please send me a note.

Happy Gaming!

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