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7th Sea Fan Set: Jolly Roger

What is the worst part of your favorite game being discontinued? No more cards!

While this is largely true, a few games have continued to see fans produce cards and sets for many years after the company shuttered professional distribution. Given today's low cost technology and ease of use, there is no reason we should not have new cards to keep our beloved 7th Sea interesting. With that, I propose a new project to the 7th Sea Community: Jolly Roger!

Jolly Roger (JR) was initially planned to be an expansion to appear alongside or immediately following Iron Shadow (IS), but was instead lumped in with the 3rd iteration of the 7th Sea base set. For those of you with sterling memories you may recall that IS had ~120 new unique cards, which presumably were meant to be in JR.

Until 2002 The AEG distribution saw ~1646 unique cards including Parting Shots and Promos (Freya Danya Gydasdottir anyone?), and this has kept us floating for almost 15 years, but even if a new set is "Fixed - Virtual" it should give us all something new to think about.

Goals of Jolly Roger:

  1. Create a minimum of 54 new cards, which largely fit into existing game mechanics

  2. Updated Errata for existing cards: You can find the list here

  3. Define card creation rules for current a future sets:

  4. No new factions

  5. As little Errata change as possible

  6. Card balance

  7. Defined game mechanics for the set

  8. Community generated, community approved process

How you can contribute:

  1. Submit card ideas with our online form or on the BBG forum. Card Ideas that show promise will have mockups posted to the site where others can vote on cards. Cards with the most votes will have the best chance of being added to the set. Please note that card voting is a work in progress.

  2. Vote/comment on mock ups: Coming Soon

  3. Identify royalty free art using this Pinterest board: Acquiring the rights to art is expensive, so royalty free art is very important.

  4. Identify yourself as having some expertise in game creation/balance to play a larger role in set creation... looking at you Yaple!

The project will be targeting a summer release, though if there is enough interest we could see something much sooner. More information and details to come.

Please provide your feedback and comments below.

Happy Gaming,


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