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Foul Weather Jack's Map Decoded

Fans of 7th Sea will recall the unlucky Explorer, Foul Weather Jack, and his Map!

Jack led a sad life with misery following him and his friends everywhere until he join Guy McCormick aboard The Discovery. Since then Jack has enjoyed a modest life of adventure, but remnants of his past will not leave him alone. Not the least of these are the pieces of this treasure map to the Spear of the West Wind.

Jack's map was torn into four pieces to protect the location of this fantastic magic, but the pieces resurfaced and lead to some fun times in the CCG.

The four map pieces translated into four adventure cards first seen as Rares in Fate's Debt and later as Rares again in Iron Shadow. Each one building in effect from the existence of the other in play.

Clearly these bad boys lend themselves nicely to any Explorer fetch deck and add some needed horsepower to Control Decks. They also open up the Explorers to take on smaller, more easily maneuvered ships to speed up control and defense strategies. While these cards are fun and powerful that’s not why we are looking at them... it’s time to see what the reunited pieces Jack's map looks like.

There it is folks the map to find Foul Weather Jack's Lost Treasure! Let me know if you can find this island in the map of Theah!

Happy gaming!

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